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Macroeconomic Indicators for 2015
Inflation for February0,1%
Inflation from the beginning0,7%
Inflation for 12 Months6,8%
Money Supply, billion TJS (Somoni) for January5,4
Monetary Base, billion TJS (Somoni) for January5,8
Interest Rate in 2015
(% annual)
Refinancing Rate
(from December 22, 2014)
Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren.(February)15,42
Average weighted rate on loans in national curren(February)22,24
Average weighted rate of interbank loans(February)18,41
Average rate on NBT's securities(February)3,22
Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential)loans(February)9,31
Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans (February)5,80
Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies to TJS
on 30-03-2015
  1 USD        5.7480
  1 EUR        6.2089
  1 RUB        0.1001
Financial Reports
Financial year 2013
Financial year 2012
The Financial Statements of the previous years

Methodological comments to balance of payments and external debt


General provisions

  • Regulations on development of current account operations
  • Goods
  • Adjustments of goods import from CIF prices into FOB prices
  • Services, except for "Trips" item
  • Trips
  • Wage
  • Incomes of investments
  • Current transfers

Capital account and financial instruments

  • Capital account
  • Direct investments
  • Portfolio investments
  • Derivative financial instruments
  • Other investments
  • Cash and deposits
  • Trading credits and advance payments
  • Loans and borrowings
  • Other assets and liabilities
  • Reserve assets
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