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Macroeconomic Indicators for 2014
Inflation for November0,7%
Inflation from the beginning6,8%
Inflation for 12 Months7,1%
Money Supply, billion TJS (Somoni) for October5,7
Monetary Base, billion TJS (Somoni) for October 5,9
Interest Rate in 2014
(% annual)
Refinancing Rate
(from December 22, 2014)
Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren.(November)15,29
Average weighted rate on loans in national curren(November)24,50
Average weighted rate of interbank loans(November)15,36
Average rate on NBT's securities(November)0,69
Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential)loans(November)9,23
Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans (November)13,73
Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies to TJS
on 26-12-2014
  1 USD        5.2783
  1 EUR        6.4114
  1 RUB        0.1017
Financial Reports
Financial year 2013
Financial year 2012
The Financial Statements of the previous years

Market review of payment cards

Development of payments card market in the Republic of Tajikistan is one of the important factors in solution of problems on reduction of cash settlements and development of clearing settlements in filed of retail payments. For task solution the National Bank of Tajikistan implements measures for improvement of the payment system structure. The project of construction of the Processing Centre of the National Payment System « Ӣ» (Korti Milli) is realised.

At present 14 of these credit orqanizations became participants of the National Payment System " Ӣ" (Korti Milli). The number of issued payments card by credit institutions (data as of 01.10.2014) has made 942,1 thousand units that is more for 41% in comparison with last year. From this quantity of issued payment cards 53% are cards of National Payment System ” Ӣ” (Korti Milli), 33% are cards of the International payment systems (Visa and MasterCard), 14% are payment cards of local systems of the credit organizations and 0,03% are the combined payment cards (UnionPay-NPS “ Ӣ” (Korti Milli)).

Issuance structure of payment cards

The Principle members of payment cards issuing in circulation make the cards issuing in SSB of RT “Amonatbank”. The total correlation of payments card issuing in circulation are 52%.

Share of payments card issued by credit orqanizations of Republic of Tajikistan

On October 1, 2014 the payments card holders in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and beyond have conducted more 8436 thousand operations in the amount of 3199,8 mln. somoni (growth rates as against the similar period on October 1, 2013 year accordingly made by number of operations 47,8%, by volume 29,5%).

A specific weight of number of operations in trade-service points on October 1, 2014 has made 8,5%.

Number and volume of operations by using of payment card

Infrastructure was developed dynamically on acquiring of payments card. On October 1, 2014 the number of facilities (electronic terminals) used by payment for goods and services as against last year increased by 26% and has made 384 units.

Dynamics of infrastructure development intended for implementation of operations by using of payment cards (units)

Infrastructure of payment card services basically is concentrated in Dushanbe and is under-developed in the country’s regions.

Territorial development of on payments card service

In view of the further systematic improvement of payment system of the RT, the NBT carries out a supervision of payment system of the country and arranges a number of measures on maintenance of effective and uninterrupted activity of payment system of the RT.

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