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  • Macroeconomic Indicators for 2023
  • Monthly inflation for October
  • 4,4%
  • Monetary base, bln. somoni (October)
  • Medium-term inflation target
    6% (±2)
  • Monetary policy rates (% per annum)
    • Refinancing Rate
      (from May 01, 2023)10,0
    • Overnight loans rate - refinancing rate +3p.p.
    • Overnight deposits rate - refinancing rate -3p.p.
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      national currency3,0
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      foreign currency9,0
    • Average rate on NBT's
      securities (October)7,38%
  • Interest Rate in 2023
  • Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren (January-October)
    12,95 %
  • Average weighted rate on loans in national curren (January-October)
    23,35 %
  • Average weighted rate of interbank loans. in national curren (January-October)
  • Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential) loans. in national curren (October)
  • Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans. in national curren (October)
    22,91 %

  • Daily price of Dimensional Gold Bars of the NBT

Date: 04.12.2023

Bars weight,
Repurchase Price,
Selling Price,
5 3703.32 3778.14
10 7287.15 7434.37
20 14440.84 14732.58
50 35872.75 36597.46
100 71626.15 73073.15

  • Information regording Bars can be obtained via tel:
    44-600-32-77, 44-600-32-48

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  • Яндекс.Метрика

NBT: Meetings and negotiations with representatives of the International Financial Organizations


On October 23, 2015, the issues of bilateral and effective cooperation continuation with the international financial organizations have been discussed during meeting of Mr. Jamoliddin Nuraliev, First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan with Mr. Richard Jones, Head of Representative Office of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Mr. Sebastian Farinaz, Head of Working Group on Microfinancing Support of the German Society on International Cooperation in Tajikistan, Mrs. Zarina Odinaeva, Project Manager on Strengthening of Financial Infrastructure of the Central Asia and Azerbaijan, International Financial Corporation and Mr. Muhammadi Boboev, Economist of Asian Development Bank’ Resident Office in Tajikistan. 


It should be noted that the meeting of International Financial Organizations’ (IFO) representatives with the NBT’s management is continuation of parties meeting from September 22 of current year where have presented bank’s suggestions on providing technical assistance by donors.

During meeting representatives of IFO have expressed satisfaction of effective cooperation with Departments and Managements of the National Bank of Tajikistan, having noted that it will be developed concrete programs of cooperation on technical assistance for three - four next years and also part of these programs are already have been implemented. In the course of meeting parties have considered technical assistance issues, technical support, attraction of experts of international level for improvement of various sectors of banking system activity, including banking supervision, balance of payments, protection of consumer rights of banking services, scientific research institute and personnel retraining, financial stability and risk analysis for short, mid and long-term period. 


First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan has noted that today’s meeting testifies readiness of IFO to provide technical assistance to bank. Also, he has mentioned that management and employees of the National Bank of Tajikistan are always ready for continuation of effective cooperation for all-around development of banking system and national economy.

Representatives of the IFO also have underlined that within next few days is planned meetings and negotiations of the IFO’s Working Group with the NBT’s management where will be discussed issues of further relations strengthening and taking concrete decisions. 

At the same time, today Mr. Jamoliddin Nuraliev, First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan with Mrs. Lola Salimova, Deputy Chairman of the NBT have hold working meeting with Mrs. Tatyana Gafurova, IMF’s expert on technical assistance who has working visit in Dushanbe for two last weeks. 

surat 0.jpg

In the beginning of the meeting Mrs. Tatyana Gafurova has declared that the National Bank of Tajikistan has reached certain successes in sphere of improvement of gathering and analysis of information system and preparation of statistical data of the balance of payments. During 5-6 months considering a number of recommendations, the NBT has fulfilled requirements of former IMF mission.

In the course of meeting First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan has expressed satisfactions on cooperation level of providing technical assistance by the IMF and has paid attention of Mrs. Tatyana Gafurova to intensify cooperation and accelerations of terms of planned programs performance, organization of seminars and short-term training courses for specialist of Statistics and Balance of Payments Management of the National Bank of Tajikistan.


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