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  • Macroeconomic Indicators for 2021
  • Monthly inflation for May
  • 8,4%
  • Monetary base, bln. somoni (May)
  • Medium-term inflation target
    6% (±2)
  • Monetary policy rates (% per annum)
    • Refinancing Rate
      (from April 28, 2021)12,00
    • Overnight loans rate - refinancing rate +2p.p.
    • Overnight deposits rate - refinancing rate -2p.p.
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      national currency3,0
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      foreign currency9,0
    • Average rate on NBT's
      securities (may)10,50
  • Interest Rate in 2021 (% annual)
  • Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren (January- May)
  • Average weighted rate on loans in national curren (January-May)
  • Average weighted rate of interbank loans. in national curren (January-May)
  • Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential) loans. in national curren (May)
  • Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans. in national curren (May)

  • Daily price of Dimensional Gold Bars of the NBT

Date: 18.06.2021

Bars weight,
Repurchase Price,
Selling Price,
5 3383.62 3464.43
10 6680.28 6839.81
20 13214.46 13530.05
50 32797.95 33581.23
100 65431.14 66993.76

  • Information regording Bars can be obtained via tel:
    44-600-32-77, 44-600-32-48

  • Яндекс.Метрика

Competition on audit company selection goes on


    National Bank of Tajikistan continues an open bid tender for selection of an audit company to carry out an external audit of the bank for financial year ended 31 December 2013.

    Applicants must submit the following documents to the National Bank of Tajikistan:

a) application for participation in the tender verified by director’s signature and a company stamp;
b) set of documents with the attached list of:
- notary attested copies of statutory documents of the audit company with the latest amendments;
- balance sheet and income statement of the audit company for the last reporting date;
- draft contract specifying remuneration, plan and timing of the audit to be conducted, audit methodology.

    The cost of audit must be final and include all the taxes prescribed by the law, as well as other expenses.

    The deadline for application and submission of documents is October 31, 2013.

    Interested companies should submit their applications to the following contact person:

Bustonali Kholiqov,
107A Rudaki Avenue, Dushanbe 734003,
Republic of Tajikistan,
National Bank of Tajikistan,
Internal Audit Department,
Tel: + (992) 44 600 31 40, + (992) 44 600 32 37
e-mail: b_kholiqov@nbt.tj


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