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  • Macroeconomic Indicators for 2022
  • Monthly inflation for July
  • 8,3%
  • Monetary base, bln. somoni (July)
  • Medium-term inflation target
    6% (±2)
  • Monetary policy rates (% per annum)
    • Refinancing Rate
      (from October 25, 2021)13,25
    • Overnight loans rate - refinancing rate +3p.p.
    • Overnight deposits rate - refinancing rate -3p.p.
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      national currency3,0
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      foreign currency9,0
    • Average rate on NBT's
      securities (July)12,32
  • Interest Rate in 2022 (% annual)
  • Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren (January-July)
  • Average weighted rate on loans in national curren (January-July)
  • Average weighted rate of interbank loans. in national curren (January-July)
  • Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential) loans. in national curren (July)
  • Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans. in national curren (July)

  • Daily price of Dimensional Gold Bars of the NBT

Date: 18.08.2022

Bars weight,
Repurchase Price,
Selling Price,
5 3030.53 3091.75
10 5973.93 6094.61
20 11801.49 12039.90
50 29265.09 29856.31
100 58365.12 59544.22

  • Information regording Bars can be obtained via tel:
    44-600-32-77, 44-600-32-48

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  • Яндекс.Метрика

The meeting of NBT management with China EXIM Bank took place at the National Bank of Tajikistan.


On the 21th of August the meeting of the Chairman of NBT M.Alimardon with Chairman and President of China EXIM Bank Mr. Li Ruogu, visiting our country, took place at the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT). The Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan has acquainted the visitor with banking system of the republic, has told about priority directions of its development and investment climate of Tajikistan.

Mr. Li Ruogu in his turn has noted that China EXIM Bank has been founded in 1994 and it is in the ownership of the government and subordinated to the State Council of China. Now the bank has 10 branches and 5 representative offices in the country and 3 offices abroad. The China EXIM Bank of China is the leading bank serving credits of foreign governments and the only bank issuing preferential credits abroad.

During the meeting the management members of NBT and China EXIM Bank have highly assessed the Memorandum of Understanding signed in March, 2006 in Beijing, where it was stated the terms of preferential credits issuance for promotion of economic and social development of SCO member-countries for the amount of USD 900 million.

The following financing projects have been identified in this Memorandum: implementation of 1st stage of Road Project “Kulma-Dushanbe-Chanak” (approximate contract value-USD 269 million); the Project of Construction of Power line of 550 KV “South-North” with length of 350 km (value-USD 164 million) and high-voltage power line of 220 KV “Lolazor-Khatlon” with length of about 90 km (contract value –USD 60 million).

Mr.M.Alimardon and Mr. Li Ruogu also have discussed other directions of mutual beneficial cooperation. The meeting was held in the manner of mutual understanding.

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