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Macroeconomic Indicators for 2014
Inflation for August0,7%
Inflation from the beginning5,4%
Inflation for 12 Months6,7%
Money Supply, billion TJS (Somoni) for July5,4
Monetary Base, billion TJS (Somoni) for July 5,9
Interest Rate in 2014
(% annual)
Refinancing Rate
(from May 19, 2014)
Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren.(August)14,64
Average weighted rate on loans in national curren(August)22,33
Average weighted rate of interbank loans(July)16,67
Average rate on NBT's securities(August)3,52
Average weighted interest rate on mortgage(residential)loans(August)9,67
Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans (August)13,33
Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies to TJS
on 02-10-2014
  1 USD        4.9983
  1 EUR        6.3278
  1 RUB        0.1263
Financial Reports
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Financial year 2011
Financial year 2010
Financial year 2009
Financial year 2008

30.09.2014 Growth of deposits of physical entities
As well as the last months deposits of legal and physical entities in the credit organisations of republic are increasing.

29.09.2014 Inflation in August has made 0,7%
According to official data in August of the current year the inflation rate has made 0,7%, decreasing in comparison with similar period of last year on 0,2%.

25.09.2014 The rate of foreign exchange in the cash market
During the week the USD rate tended to decrease in the exchange bureaus of republic.

24.09.2014 Results of the next auction
The securities auction of the National Bank of Tajikistan on issue К142056118 which was held on September 24, 2014 and its results as following:

23.09.2014 One more auction will be held
The National Bank of Tajikistan will held the next security auction on September 24, 2014.

Monetary policy

The trend of steady growth of economy is preserved in 2013 due to improvement of banking and financial indicators development, fall in prices of world market and increase of population income connected with growth of aggregate demand.In detail...

Press Conferences

The results of activity of the National Bank of Tajikistan and banking system of the country in 2013, implementation of monetary policy, development of banking system, inflation rate, payment system...In detail...

“Bonkdori dar Tojikiston”
(July, 2014)

The next issue of the magazine “Banking in Tajikistan” was published for July, 2014 in which branch articles concerning results of banking system activity, the inflation review and others are published. In detail...

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