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Macroeconomic Indicators for 2014
Inflation for December0,5%
Inflation from the beginning7,4%
Inflation for 12 Months7,4%
Money Supply, billion TJS (Somoni) for November5,5
Monetary Base, billion TJS (Somoni) for November 5,7
Interest Rate in 2014
(% annual)
Refinancing Rate
(from December 22, 2014)
Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren.(December)14,06
Average weighted rate on loans in national curren(December)22,12
Average weighted rate of interbank loans(December)16,23
Average rate on NBT's securities(December)4,20
Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential)loans(December)9,23
Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans (December)13,73
Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies to TJS
on 26-01-2015
  1 USD        5.3714
  1 EUR        5.9905
  1 RUB        0.0838
Financial Reports
Financial year 2013
Financial year 2012
The Financial Statements of the previous years

Banking legislation

Banking legislation – sphere of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan representing the system of legislative and normative acts regulating banking activities. The basis of banking legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan is Law “On the National Bank of Tajikistan” and Law “On banks and banking activities”.

The Law “On the National Bank of Tajikistan” determines the legal status of the National Bank of Tajikistan, principles of its structure, main tasks and functions, interaction with government authorities, aim and main instruments of monetary policy, principles and means of banking regulation and control, order of reorganization and liquidation of credit institutions, organization of money circulation and settlements, other functions and authorities of the National Bank of Tajikistan.

There are stipulated in the Law “On banks and banking activity”: meaning of bank and non-banking financial institutions and also banking system of the Republic of Tajikistan, list of banking operations, principles of interrelationships of banks with customers and government, order of bank establishment, registration and licensing of its activity (including banks with share of foreign capital), reasons to withdraw license for banking operations, meaning “banking secrecy”, principles of accounting and reporting, order of audit inspection. Legal regulation of banking activity also is carried out on the base of the Civil Code of the Republic of Tajikistan, other laws and normative acts of the National Bank of Tajikistan. At present normative acts of the National Bank of Tajikistan on order of bank registration and licensing of banking activity, stipulating required standards for their activity and application of sanctions to banks in case of violation of requirements of banking legislation by them including order of licenses withdrawal, order of non-cash settlements and regulating other issues of banking activities in the Republic of Tajikistan are approved and are in force. 

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