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Consumer Rights Protection Department

Consumer Protection Division of
National Bank of Tajikistan


Отдела защиты прав потребителей


The credit institutions - on population services

There are functioning 124 credit institutions, including 17 banks, 1 non bank credit institutions, 106 micro financial institutions, 39 microcredit deposit institutions, 31 microcredit institutions, 36 microcredit funds, 432 branches, 1233 banking servicing center and 1 802 money transfer center providing to services population today, in republic’s cities and districts.

The person, who wants to exchange foreign currency, to remit money or to carry out banking operations, can freely apply to credit institutions services, their branches, banking servicing centers and money transfer centers.

In case of misunderstanding, wrong relation of employees of banking system or disadvantages from banking systems, clients can apply to the National Bank of Tajikistan by phone number 600-15-20, 600-31-90 (Division of Exchange Rate Policy of International Reserves and Exchange Rate Policy Department of the National Bank of Tajikistan) and 620-05-39, 600-28-63 (Department of consumer protection of banking system services).

It will be accepted an urgent measures by responsible executive of the National Bank of Tajikistan for solution of problems.


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