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Consumer Rights Protection Department

Consumer Protection Division of
National Bank of Tajikistan


Отдела защиты прав потребителей


Global Money Week in Tajikistan

With the view of strengthening of population trust to banking system, improvement of financial literacy of the population and expansion of their possibility on increase of financial responsibility and protection of financial services consumers at the initiative of NBT Banking System Services Consumers Rights Protection Division in cooperation of the credit institutions of the country, Global Money Week for children and youth was spent from March 27 till April 2 of the current year.


All credit institutions of republic, Association of banks of Tajikistan and Association of microfinancial organisations had actively participated in performance of the given action.


Global Money Week was held in all regions of the country and covered 8070 audiences among which more than 5000 participants were students of secondary schools. For improvement of financial literacy among the population, credit organisations have conducted explanatory works and demonstrated right methods of application of financial services.


During holding of explanatory works by organizers of event, also various information materials, such as brochures and slogans with instructions of essence financial concept were delivered to all participants of action.


It is necessary to note that video and pictures were made at the end of this event and have been sent to the “Child and Youth Finance International” by Banking System Services Consumers Rights Protection Division. The given report will be placed by this company on http://www.globalmoneyweek.org/Countries/tajikistan.html.

Banking System Services
Consumers Rights Protection Division

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