Фестивали саводнокии молиявӣ дар шаҳри Истаравшан


Financial Literacy Festival in the city of Istaravshan

Financial Literacy festival took place at the Istaravshan Palace of Culture on June 25 this year, organized by the National Bank of Tajikistan in collaboration with financial credit and insurance organizations, as well as development partners.


At the beginning of the event, Tolib Olimjonzoda, Deputy Chairman of Istaravshan, spoke about the importance of raising the level of financial literacy of the population. Further, Siraeva Zebo, Deputy Director of the regional Branch of the NBT in Khujand, talked on the main goals of the event.


Subsequently, the National Bank of Tajikistan experts and financial credit organizations' representatives gave a speech on different financial literacy topics, such as enhancing non-cash transactions through modern technologies, thwarting financial fraudsters, and financial organizations' role in enhancing public financial literacy, methods of financial fraud and its detection based on their experiences.


Furthermore, various competitions were organized for attendees and winners were given prizes like a television, tablet, smartphone, and wireless earbuds.


The second part of the festival was devoted to the "Exhibition of financial and insurance products", where financial and insurance credit organizations as well as individual entrepreneurs showcased their products.


It should be noted, that the event featured a cultural program that boost the mood of more than 4,000 students, teachers, and individuals from various educational and financial institutions, as well as representatives from foreign organizations and festival guests.

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