LLC «IC Eskhata Sughurta»

   Name of institution

            Limited Liability Company “Insurance Company Eskhata Sughurta”           

  Date of establishment  

  License number

  and its validity period


    ФС№0000017 until October 24, 2024

    ФС №0000048 until April 28, 2028

  Validity of the license


Valid types of insurance

       Voluntary insurance:
  • Responsibility of directors and other heads of executive bodies;

  • Civil liability;

  • Banks from electronic and computer crimes;

  • Responsibility of carrier (freight forwarder, warehouse operator) and cargo;

  • Comprehensive insurance of banks;

  • Professional responsibility;

  • Civil liability of manufacturers and sellers of goods, executors of works (services);

  • From accidents and diseases;

  • Civil liability of employer;

  • Medical insurance.

  • Property insurance of legal and real persons;

  • Insurance of cargo;

  • Insurance of motor vehicles;

  • Insurance of construction and installation works;

  • Insurance of сitizens traveling abroad;

  • Insurance of financial risks;

  • Insurance of property in pledge;

  • Insurance of plan and harvest of agricultural products.